Spaced repetition

It is best to display the spaced repetition system built into the application using virtual boxes, as shown in Figure 1.

Spaced repetition

Figure 1.

Now we will consider each box in more detail: 

the grеy box on the pictures (we will assign the number 0 to this box) new words get into this box, which you add directly to the phone by clicking on + or by importing the Excel file.
In order words go to box 1, they must go through 5 games in “Learn mode”:
1 – learn new words
2 – make the pair from word and translation
3 – choose the correct answer from 5 options
4 – remember/don’t remember. Here, the fairness game gives you 10 seconds (in the settings you can change the time)
5 – type the word.

Spaced repetition

Figure 2.
1st: review words,
2nd phone: make a pair,
3rd: select the correct answer
4th: remember/don’t remember
5th: type the word.

In our estimation, if you have already completed words with the help of 5 games, then you have done good job and words started moving into your long-term memory. Now you only need is to repeat these words.

The next repeat will be waiting for you the next day at the same time, as the app remembers that you have a few free minutes around this time, and will remind you with a pop-up notification.

But suppose you all want to repeat words an hour or two after study (less than 24 hours). In this case, just click “Retry” and the application will show a dialog box “Please repeat, but the progress will not be visible, the words will not go to the next box, but if you made a mistake when repeating, they will move to field 0 or 1 in depending on the settings ”, as shown in Figure 3.

Spaced repetition

Figure 3.

Box 2 – after the first repetition, that is, not earlier than in a day, taking into account that you have not made mistakes;
And on the same principle, boxes 3,4,5,6,7 are subsequent repetitions.

Let’s take an example: let’s take the word “xxx” – you learned it using the “Learn mode” it will go to the first box.

Next, you must repeat this word after 1 day, then it will go to the box 2

after 2 days – 3 box,
after 3 days – 4 box,
after 7 days – 5 box,
after 14 days – 6 box,
after 30 days – 7 box,
after 90 days – 8 box,

 Then this word will disappear from the reminders and you will find it if you click “Check learned words” and if you check the learned words and you made a mistake, then the words go to the beginning of zero or the first box, depending on the settings that we considered earlier.

Spaced repetition

Figure 4.