Top 5 most famous polyglots in the world and their secrets of learning foreign languages.

In our global world, where cultural exchange and global connections are becoming increasingly commonplace, the ability to fluently speak multiple languages is turning into a true art. Polyglots, individuals with the unique gift of mastering multiple languages, unveil the magical world of multilingualism before us. Let’s immerse ourselves in this fascinating realm, explore the top 5 most renowned polyglots, and unravel the secrets of their successful mastery of foreign languages.

Who are polyglots?

Polyglots are those who master several languages. These remarkable individuals effortlessly communicate in three or more languages, possessing a deep understanding and practical application of them in their daily lives. Unlike bilinguals, who speak two languages, or trilinguals, who speak three, polyglots represent a unique group where the ease of maneuvering between four or more languages is a common occurrence.

Steve Kaufmann: An Inspiration at Any Age

Among the shining representatives of polyglots, Steve Kaufmann stands out as a linguistic virtuoso, proficient in twenty languages. However, his inspiration lies not only in linguistic mastery but also in his boundless motivation – he continues to explore new languages even at the age of 78.

As the founder of and a renowned polyglot on YouTube, Steve has developed his own language learning methods, steering away from the rigid approaches of school programs.

His advice: “You get better at learning languages as you accumulate more knowledge. The more you learn, the better you understand how to learn. Exposure to a variety of sounds makes your brain more flexible, and you become accustomed to different sentence structures and expressions. This increased flexibility enhances your language learning skills over time. I believe that enjoying the process, immersing your brain in the language, and trusting that it will learn over time are crucial aspects of language learning”.

Moses McCormick

Moses McCormick is a well-known polyglot, claiming proficiency in over 40-50 languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and others. His videos, where he engages in conversations in various languages, inspire many.

Moses McCormick actively interacted with individuals from different cultures in his hometown, possessing basic knowledge of more than 40-50 languages. Unfortunately, he has left us, but his content continues to inspire language enthusiasts worldwide.

His advice on language learning: Curiosity is the key to success.
“I just wanted to try it, and once I did, and I actually started interacting with people, I began to really like it. So, I kept on with it, but, um, it was just really out of curiosity, man. Just being curious, and you just never know where certain things will take you. In my case, I am now doing all kinds of different languages because of that experience.”

Gabriel Wyner: Architect of Linguistic Mastery

Language proficiency: English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian.

Gabriel Wyner is the author of the bestseller “Fluent Forever,” where he extensively describes his experience mastering the French language in just three months. Since then, he has successfully applied his systematic approach through the Fluent Forever app.

His advice on language learning: “Our visual memory is incredibly powerful; you just need to learn how to use it to its full extent.”

Luca Lampariello: architect of linguistic experiences

Luca Lampariello

Language proficiency: Italian, English, Mandarin, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese.

Luca Lampariello is an outstanding linguist who has devoted a significant part of his life to studying foreign languages. By the age of 35, he had mastered 11 languages.

In addition to his excellent command of multiple languages, Luca employs a unique method of learning with bidirectional translation. He shares his techniques for mastering accents in languages through his blog and YouTube channel, inspiring many on their language-learning journey.

Lydia Machova: Language Virtuoso and Inspirer

Language Proficiency: Slovak, English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Esperanto, Russian, Swahili.

Lýdia Machová, perhaps known to you through her TED Talk “Secrets of Learning a New Language,” which has been viewed by millions. With her vast experience in language learning, Lydia inspires people to pursue the path of fluent language mastery, encouraging the use of enjoyable methods.

Her advice on language learning: “I personally think that if I have some talent for languages, that it helps me maybe 15% more than other people who are not talented. That means I need to work just 15% less than those who are not talented. And that is not really very much, is it?”

Lýdia Machová

Bonus: Natalie Portman: Star in the Linguistic Sky

Natalie Portman

Language Proficiency: Spanish, English, Hebrew, Japanese, French.

Natalie Portman, beyond her brilliant acting prowess, is a recognized polyglot. Capable of communicating in five languages, including Spanish, English, Hebrew, French, and Japanese, she is not only dedicated to the art of acting but also harbors a passion for exploring the languages of the world.

Her interest in the world of languages attests to a deep desire for knowledge, uniting in her persona two distinct yet inspiring arts—acting and polyglotism.

In the next article, we will have a closer look at Steve Kaufmann’s process of learning the German language, discuss his linguistic achievements, and uncover the secrets that made him a master of multilingualism. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of learning foreign languages through his eyes.

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