How do I move my categories to a new device?

Below we give an example of how to save all your words in one LXB file and transfer this file to a new mobile device.

Go to the settings section, select the “Make a backup” function, as shown in Figure 1.

The app will store all your data in the LXB file and store that file by “Backup path”.

Figure 1.

After that you need to run any File manager app on your device, find the “Backup path” folder and find the file with latest date, as shown in Figure 2. This file you need to move to a new phone in any way convenient for you: send by email, messages or upload to Google Drive and save to the Download folder on the new phone.

Figure 2.

On the new device, the Lexilize Flashcards program should already be installed and you will need to click on the menu in the “Settings” section for the “Restore” function (restore data from a backup copy), as shown in Figure 3.device

Figure 3.

Select the file format LXB, as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4.

Your categories, progress and other information will be restored and available on the new device.                     

We’re working also on cloud synchronization.