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Löschen der Kategorien

Select a category (by long press), then press on the icon with “three dots” in the top-right corner. If you need to delete several categories, please select them (with normal press).  In order to select all categories, please select the menu item “Select all” And then select the “Delete categories”.

Hinzufügen einer Sprache

Premium version   In the menu, click on the item “Add language” and follow the instructions. Free version In the free version, you can learn one language.  If you want to change learning language, please delete all categories in current language direction, and you will be able to add a new learning language. How to […]

Wie aktiviert man einen Promo-Code?

Promo code can be activated next way. The promo code you can input in the dialog, when you start buying the Premium version. When you start purchasing the app, you should see in the dialog an item “Activate Promocode”, along with ways of payment. If you don’t have for some reason this item, then please […]

Die Benachrichtigungen funktionieren nicht oder nur, wenn ich die App öffne

If you have a problem with notifications, please try next: 1. Go to Android Settings -> “Battery” 2. Select “Battery optimization”  3. Find in the list out app “Lexilize Flashcards” 4. Switch off the optimization for our app If you have Huawei device, you can find the solution in this video:

Wie kann ich eine Excel-Datei für den weiteren Import in die Anwendung erstellen?

Suppose that you want to export English words with transcriptions and examples. In order to do that, you need to create 4 columns in the Excel file:  words for your native language  foreign words  transcriptions  examples Example of the Excel file for Russian – English direction. The file contains Russian and English words, also transcriptions […]

Wie importiert man eine LXF-Datei (Lexilize-Format) in eine Anwendung?

LXF file (Lexilize binary format) is a format, which can include any numbers of categories with words, pictures, examples, transcription, genders. Also LXF format provide significantly smaller size. When you have the necessary file on your phone, open the application and in the sliding menu, select the item “Import”, as shown in Figure 1. Figure […]