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Before the pronunciation worked, now all voices didn’t work

Problem: I can see a lot of voices in the app, but none of them work. The possible issue is related to the “Google Speech Services” module and normally happens on Samsung devices with Android 12.   Go to Android settings -> General management -> Text-to-speech In the Text-to-speech settings window:   Select “Preferred engine” as […]

Can I learn phrases?

You can learn phrases as well as words. Just write the phrases in the fields instead of words in word’s card. The app will pronounce phrases as well. Pay attention! You need correctly setup your native language in the settings. For example, you have a English -> German language pair, you’re learning German and your […]

We have a Family Link. How can I buy the Premium version for my child?

Family Link is a Google tool, which allows to create a family group for parents and children. When administrator setup children’s device settings, he/she can add a common payment method, which will be used by purchase apps from child’s device.   A family group administrator can turn on the purchase approval feature. With using that, […]

Deleting the categories

Select a category (by long press), then press on the icon with “three dots” in the top-right corner. If you need to delete several categories, please select them (with normal press).  In order to select all categories, please select the menu item “Select all” And then select the “Delete categories”.